polingI spent the summer of 2000 sea kayaking in Alaska. Surrounded by mountains, water and wildlife, it occurred to me that I was constantly reacting to the elements. I felt so alive, yet I also felt an overwhelming sense of how temporary my life on earth would be.

poling1Painting allows me to communicate those feelings. Our lives are an ongoing sequence of actions and reactions, and the same goes for making art. I work quickly and prefer simple compositions. I admire the artwork of Helen Frankenthaler, Wolf Kahn, James Turrell, Romare Bearden, Henri Matisse and Eric Carle (to name just a few). I also have a fascination with cave art, earthworks and the human desire throughout history to make art.

My earliest memory of art was during a family trip to Rome when I was 10 years old. We went to the Vatican, and Michelangelo’s Pieta had a profound effect on me. I felt grief and peace just looking at it. It was that sculpture that spoke to my heart, and I told myself I wanted to be an artist. I still hold the same desire to connect with someone’s soul through my work.

poling2I grew up in Dayton, Ohio then moved to Columbus to complete my Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Art Education at The Ohio State University. Through an international exchange, I was mentored by artists in Perth, Australia. My travels have taken me to Thailand, New Zealand, Europe, Brazil, Colombia and throughout the United States. Teaching Visual Art for 6 years strengthened my belief that all children need quality art programs to encourage their creativity and problem solving. My artwork has been shown through solo and group exhibits at galleries and restaurants.

This summer (June-July 2014) I will make my art more public by painting the Gateway History Murals at Cooke Rd, the retaining walls of the railroad underpass by Indianola Ave. The designs honor the American Indians that lived in this area. Partnering with the Clintonville Historical Society, we hope to make the city more beautiful while educating citizens through art.

You can view more of Danielle’s work on her website by Clicking Here.

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