gilsonBorn in 1987 in Cleveland, Ohio, Erin Gilson was almost immediately thrown into the world of Art by her grandmother Ruth. From a young age, Ruth saw to it that Erin was also enrolled in every extracurricular art class that she had time for, setting in motion a life-long curiosity and dedication to all things artistic.

gilson1Before Erin received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Miami University in May 2012, she began receiving accolades for her talents in graphite and sculpture at Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin College Preparatory School, earning placement as well as cash awards in multiple shows. After dedicating her summers to classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art, she received the distinguished honor of being featured in the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition. Once at Miami University, she took full advantage of the wide range of studio courses available, further developing her foundation in photography, drawing, and ceramic skills, while broadening her horizons with printmaking, animation, illustration, and oil painting.

From this mayhem, direction took hold and Erin’s artwork found motivation: the challenge of visually capturing the emotional experience of a fleeting moment. She begins her process by placing herself into a new environment and paying keen attention to emotional shifts while identifying their catalysts. Once the cause of the new emotion is pinpointed, she then takes several photographs, cataloging those elements around her that embody what she is feeling. Erin’s oil paintings are thus drawn from a photorealistic understanding of her subjects, as well as meticulous observations and careful reflections upon her emotional experiences.

gilson2This dedication to artistically capturing new emotions and experiences on canvas has ignited in Erin a deep love of travel, bringing her to such inspiring places as Athens, Delphi, Rome, Venice, Sicily, Munich, and the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. She uses these opportunities to expand her body of work and investigate the essence of a truly foreign experience and how it heightens emotional reactions to even the most mundane occurrences. This vigilantly developed ability allows Erin to capture a deeper emotional understanding from not only her own sources, but from the source photographs of her commissioned pieces as well.

You can view more of Erin’s work on her website by Clicking Here.

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