nyanhongoBorn in Zimbabwe,Geidon Nyanhongo has transformed everyday life into the enduring values that can help us all thrive in the global era of the 21st century through his sculpture.
Nyanhongo celebrates love especially family love and the spiritual power it provides to promote peace in his art. His sculptures in hard and enduring Opal Stone, Springstone and Zimbabwe (Nyanga) Stone will outlive the political regimes that threaten community,family and individual rights and values.

nyanhongo1Nyanhongo’s work transcends cultural barriers with works such as Proud of my Responsibilities, which shows a young girl carrying firewood to care for her family; as humans we have the same basic needs, but different ways of meeting those needs. Nyanhongo offers viewers of his sculpture endearing elements of his Shona culture to invoke these same values from their own families and culture.
Love extends to nature in the Shona sculpture as well. Nyanhongo’s sculpture of a shepherd holding a lamb over his shoulder in the sculpture Keeping Life Together, represents the past in the present of Zimbabwe. Anyone who cares for a pet knows the joy, sorrow and connection to nature that animals offer us. Nyanhongo invites viewers of his animal sculptures such as Sharing Life to respect the ecological balance that allows human beings to enjoy clean air, walks in nature and love.

nyanhongo2The outward-looking Thinking of You sculpture captures the spiritual aspect of love that makes love’s physical aspects worthwhile as in Nyanhongo’s works Life Enjoyment, depicting a kissing couple and an embracing couple in Let’s Unite. The inward-looking sculpture. Thinking of Me reflects Nyanhongo’s need for solitude to transform his life experiences into the sculptures that capture all that is good and worth preserving in the world around him and the world around us in the 21st century. Nyanhongo’s words sum up his philosophy during the challenging and exciting era we are living through: “Life is a Gift.”

You can view more of Gedion’s work on his website by Clicking Here.

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