erb“I paint my dreams, places and images I’ve seen or wish to see. I think art should make you feel something… peace, contentment, happiness or romance. I love to watch when festival patrons see my art, a smile forms on their faces and they exclaim, ‘I’d love to be there right now!’ It is also the highest complement they can bestow on my work.”

“As an impressionist, I’m inspired by the masters, such as Monet, Renoir and Mary Cassatt. I love oils… the texture, the shine, the vivid colors, painting wet on wet with brush or palette knife. I use poppy seed oil for a creamier texture, spray varnish for blending colors and flicking a toothbrush for a fine mist to obtain a romantic mystical effect.”

erb1“My paintings start with something simple… a wine bottle, a home, a beautiful sky, a unique sunset, a dream. I add my imagination and training with emphasis on color, light source and composition utilizing photographic studies I’ve acquired during my travels.”

“My father, a pipe line contractor, took an art correspondence course when I was very young. His enthusiasm for oil painting influenced me and I began to paint with him when I was 8 years old.”

erb2Her love of art continued throughout her high school years and eventually led her to attend Kent State University and graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.

Following graduation, she took a position in the advertising department of a major retail store in Akron, Ohio. As a fashion illustrator and layout designer, her efforts strengthened her skills in composition.

erb4Even though working full time in an art field, Kimberly still found time to pursue her love of oil painting.

In 1982, Kimberly left her position in advertising to concentrate on raising a family and painting. During this time she entered several fine art exhibits in the Akron, Ohio area. She began teaching art in her home to children.

In 1990, Kimberly and her family moved back to her childhood city of New Philadelphia, Ohio. In 1994, she and her husband, Greg, opened an art gallery in the picturesque downtown square. Described as her “dream come true,” the gallery grew to 7000 square feet of display area for her art.

erb3While the gallery provided the focus for her to practice her talent, the retail portion was sacrificed in order to concentrate her efforts on the wholesale side of the business.

Beginning in 2005, Kimberly and her husband became art gypsies traveling across the country exhibiting in fine art festivals. She exhibited in festivals from Wisconsin to Florida, Connecticut to Illinois and many states in between.

From 2006 through 2010, she exhibited in an average of 45 festivals per year. In 2011, Kimberly and her husband settled in Columbus, OH and decreased the number of festival travels to only Ohio and surrounding states.

In 2012, Kimberly turned her attention to corporate art, concentrating on Columbus landmarks, although she continues to paint images for the home. She no longer exhibits in fine art festivals.

erb5That same year she was commissioned by the State of Ohio to paint the Ohio Statehouse for the legislative holiday greeting card. In addition, four of her Columbus Bicentennial paintings were purchased by American Electric Power and hang in their art collection in their corporate office in downtown Columbus.

Since opening her gallery, she has produced over 650 original oil on canvas paintings. Only about 50 of the paintings remain unsold.

In January of 2014, She was hired by Lew and Janet Griffin as gallery director and resident artist for the LGI Gallery. Since then, she spent her time coordinating the gallery opening and recruiting other fine artists to exhibit in the gallery. Many of the artists are those she met on the Fine Art Festival circuit, and personal friends.

Kimberly is former Chairperson of Ohio’s 18th U.S. Congressional District Art Competition, an honor she held from 1995 to 2000. She’s also judged many other competitions in the Northeast Ohio area. The popularity of Kimberly’s oils began in Northeast Ohio and has steadily grown to reach both coasts in the United States, in addition to Canada and several European countries.

You can view more of Kimberly’s work on her website by Clicking Here.

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