Call for Artists

All those who wish to be represented must complete the standard application form and agree to follow all of the conditions stated in this policy. The Gallery does not permit the display of works which are offensive to decency, or which are of an obscene or immoral nature, or so suggestive as to be offensive to the moral sense, or which are calculated to incite crime.

Each exhibitor is responsible for the delivery and removal of the artwork. There are no storage spaces available.

Organizations or individuals are not permitted to display or exhibit any materials which advocate the election or defeat of a candidate for public office or which advocate affirmative or negative votes concerning any political proposition.

Organizations or individuals are not permitted to place in the Gallery any advertisement or receptacle which solicits monetary donations or advocates or solicits consideration of any product or service sold by any business, charitable enterprise, or individual. Exceptions will be made for special events and fund raising campaigns.

The Gallery reserves the right to publicize scheduled exhibitions via the newsletter and news releases submitted to local newspapers, radio etc.

The Gallery assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection or possible damage or theft of any item displayed. Display materials must be contained within the Art Gallery area and/or within the display case used. All items are displayed at the owner’s risk. The Gallery does not provide any insurance coverage for the artwork, neither property damage, fire nor other insurance coverage. The owner(s) of displayed artwork agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Gallery from any and all losses, claims or liability arising out of or relating directly to the use of its premises.

Gallery panels and display cases must be left in the condition they were found.

Selling prices, names and size of exhibitor’s art must be included with information on artwork exhibited. The exhibit must remain intact during the agreed upon scheduled display period.

Accepted Artists

Below are links to pdf files which we must have on file before any payments can be distributed.


Federal Taxpayer Identification

Below are links to pdf and xls files which we must have on file before any sales can be made.

Inventory Template Instructions

Inventory Template