moskalJulie’s first interest in art was in drawing and then oil painting at age 14. When she was 18, she asked for a camera for graduation and received a 110 camera. According to Julie, “I couldn’t really afford the film processing at that time so I would take pictures and never get the film developed.”

moskal1“When my youngest child was in high school, I got my first digital camera and everything changed. Suddenly, I was able to instantly see the photographs I was taking. I could take dozens of them without the cost of developing and printing. I couldn’t get enough of everything photography, and experience is the best teacher.”

Over the next 10 years, she was able to obtain advanced equipment along with editing software. She is a self-taught as a photographer.

moskal2“I love travel photography and take thousands of photos every time I travel, and hundreds more in my own backyard. When shooting, I look for details that others may overlook. Then when I’m reviewing the photos, I find ones that grab my attention and I edit those.”

“Many times, especially with landscape photography, my photographs are planned out and I may spend hours getting the shot that I desire. Lighting, equipment setup, context, perspective are all important, but the best photos often exist only for a moment so I carry my camera with me all the time and take the shot even if the conditions are not ideal. You can never get back that second when something special happens, so take the shot.”

“Post processing is part of making a picture. It is important to get the settings right when taking the shot but many settings can be tweaked in editing software such as white balance, exposure, and ISO. Aperture, focal length, polarization, and glare prevention cannot be edited, so knowledge of a lenses’ performance must be second nature.”

“Photography is my passion and I take photos that tell a story.”

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When someone sees the pictures I take, I want them to wonder what the story is behind the picture and come up with their own ideas on what each photo says to them.”

You can view more of Julies’s work on her website by Clicking Here.

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